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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
What is powder ?
See Powder Coating Basics 
This contains good basic powder coating information.
Does it cost more to powder coat than paint?
Maybe, maybe not. The Powder Coating Institute   (800-988-2628) offers a  spreadsheet  to compare the cost of powder and liquid coating operations.
What do I need to get started powder coating?
See The Basic Components of a Powder Coating System

After you review the information on this site, give us a call.
We provide everything you need to get started powder coating.
Is it hard to learn to powder coat?
Almost anybody can learn to apply powder with consistent thickness build and minimum waste.
One area that is not hard to learn, but  often skipped over, is cleaning and preparing the substrate to accept the powder.  We spend a lot of time and energy in this area.  If you don't get this right, the rest is wasted effort.  Put your brain to work here, you'll be glad you did.
How much room does a powder coating shop require?
See Typical Powder Shop Layout
We can get pretty creative to fit a system in an existing space if needed.
How much does it cost to get into powder coating?
Cost varies greatly based on part size, type, production quantity required, and the equipment (compressor, blaster, power washer, etc.) you already have.
The packages we sell can provide a price guide for a given part size using a manual gun. We provide packaged solutions that get you in the powder coating business as quickly and economically as possible without sacrificing quality.

Why does the "number of air changes per minute" in an oven matter?
High air flow in an oven heats metal faster
resulting in shorter cure cycles.
High air flow causes powder to flow out better to produce the very best finish possible.

If you only learn one thing from this page make this it: HIGH AIR FLOW MATTERS!

Why don't all oven manufacturers use a high number of "air changes per minute" in their ovens?
They will blow powder off before it has a chance to melt!
They don't want the added expense of variable speed fans and the control system required.
The air flow in their oven will go wacky if the volume and velocity is changed.
Most new customers don't know how much difference it makes in the powder finish.

Why should I buy from you guys?
We only sell the good stuff.
We can get you in the powder business very quickly.
We pick the best combination of equipment for your application at the lowest cost.
We have developed some innovative solutions that make it feasible to get started in a small batch powder coating system without hocking your kids, wife and dog.
Our ovens with touch screen control, fuzzy logic, and high volume air flow are state of the art and easy to use.
We save you from having "regrets" later because you picked the wrong stuff.
You will continue to use this "starter" equipment even if you grow to a much larger operation.

Where can I get powder?   See Powder Suppliers 

How do I learn more about powder coating?
Contact The Powder Coating Institute   (800-988-2628)
Subscribe to Powder Coating (magazine) (612) 866-2242
What do I do next to get started?
Review the information available on this site (there is some good stuff here)  then contact us by phone or email and let us know what you have in mind.

We will gather some information from you, (don't worry if you don't have all the answers, we will help fill in the blanks) and come up with a ball park estimate of the cost to get you set up.
Assuming you don't have a heart attack at this point and are serious about getting into the powder coating business, our team will meet and focus on the best, most affordable, and most efficient way to approach your project.

When we come to a consensus (sometimes it's an ugly process) we will contact you (we don't charge you for our ideas but we expect you to keep them to yourself). We feel strongly that our ideas have value.

I believe our logic will be obvious and you will agree that we have come up with the best solution you have been offered.
If you agree, we arrange terms and your system is scheduled for production.
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