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Download page for Coast Industrial / Callaway Job

Right Click on the file you need below and choose "save target as" then save it in the folder of your choosing on your computer.
The Installation file is quite large so if you left click to open it, it will take some time to load.
All files are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.

Truck Loading / Unloading Photos

Installation Manual  
Oven Installation Manual (CompleteV3.1) Note: This is large file see note at top of page
Installation drawings
01-STS-080808-Top-geometry.pdf Oven Layout Geometry
02-STS-080808-Top-Floor Channel.pdf Floor Channel
03-STS-080808-Top-Panel Map.pdf Top View shows panel locations
04-STS-080808-Top-Flashing.pdf Flashing
05-STS-080808-Side-Coast-Calloway.pdf Side View complete oven
Oven Wiring Schematic
Power Distribution Panel Schematic
Oven Operation Manual
Oven Control Operation Manual Ver. 8

You should not need the files below. I just put them here in case we do.

F400-33 Burner Manual (8449-84Economite.pdf   246KB)

Modutrol Motor Adjustment - gas valve operator (ModMotor.pdf)

Modutrol Motor Testing (ModMotor-testing.pdf)



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