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TITAN 440 MultiFinish Sprayer
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aTITAN® MultiFinish 440 Electric Airless/Air Assisted Sprayer
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TITAN™ MultiFinish® 440
Max. Delivery: .54 GPM
Max. Fluid Pressure: 3300 PSI

By coupling the proven performance of the Titan 440 with the efficiency of an electronically controlled compressor the Multifinish becomes an extremely versatile finishing tool. From trim, doors and cabinets to interior and exterior latex application, the Multifinish can do it all!

Max. Tip Size: 1 gun - .023" tip
Motor: .78 HP DCX Motor
Part # : 0524029
Includes GM3600 Gun, Hose &Ttip

The most versatile electric Air-Assisted Airless sprayer to date.

New compressor offers electronic air relief allowing for greater air pressure

* The GM3600 gun uses any Titan standard airless, or fine finish reversible tips.
* Optional Brilliant reversible flat tip for high production fine finish
* Configuration allows use with either 5 gallon or 1 gallon pails.
* Rapid Clean to completely clean pump

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