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Spray Tech Systems, Inc. will help you start a powder coating business with the right powder coating equipment including; onsite training, part cleaning / pretreatment stations, powder coating cure oven, conveyor, racks, powder guns and powder booths.
We also offer painting equipment including Graco electrostatic paint sprayers, fiberglass chopper guns, Graco airless paint sprayers, Glas-Craft Chopper Guns, Gel Coat Guns, Foam Guns, and polyurea spayers.

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Affordable Portable Electrostatic Sprayers
Electrostatic Guns
air assist electrostatic sprayer
electrostatic sprayer on cart
electrostatic fence painting
(air powered)
Graco Pro Xp Electrostatic Guns
How elctrostatic guns work
The wrap-around effect results from a force field between the negatively charged paint particles and the grounded work piece. Both the front and rear of the work piece can thus be coated at the same time – with enormous savings in material and time.
GM5000 Electrostatic gun VM 5000 Electrostatic Controller
Wagner Electrostatic Guns

SprayTECH Airless Sprayers are now TITAN
SprayTech Airless Sprayer
Electric Airless Sprayers
Graco Electric Airless Sprayers
graco airless sprayer
TITAN Impact Series
Graco Gas Airless Sprayers
TITAN MultiFinish 440
Graco Line Stripers
TITAN Advantage Series
FieldLazer Sports Field Striper
video Impact 440
Graco videos:
video Impact 540/640
video     Graco UltraMax II
video Impact 740/840
video      Graco LineDriver
Electrostatic Guns
video Impact 1140/1640
video        Graco IronMan
Graco GH 833 Gas Airless Sprayer w/ Direct Immersion
video How to Spray Paint
Graco PRO XsWB
NEW !!!
Sports Field Stripers
FieldLazer™ S100
FieldLazer™ S200
FieldLazer™ R300
FieldLazer™ G400
NEW Graco GrindLazer
Scarifier System
Graco GrindLazer Graco GrindLazer with LineDriver
Removes parking lots or roadway lines
Graco Grindlazer video
Graco GrindLazer flyer
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Powder Coating Guns, Booths, & Ovens
Powder coating bike frame
We make powder coating practical for small shops!!!
prima powder gun powder coat oven
Powder Ovens, Guns, & Booths
Motorcycle/Bicycle Packages
Powder Suppliers List
Wagner Powder Systems
Visit our new Powder Coating Equipment website at www.PowderOvens.com
HVLP Guns & Turbine Units

HVLP Turbine Units

TITAN CAPspray AirCoat

Graco HVLP Turbine Units
Graco HVLP unt
HVLP - Airline Guns
C>A> Technologies logo
Binks, DeVilbiss, or S type setup
Jaguar HVLP Gun
Lynx HVLP Gun
Panther glue gun

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Equipment to Transfer, Fill, Dispense, Extrude, Meter, Monitor, Inject, Mix or Spray Just About Anything
• Sealant and Adhesive Equipment
• Dust and Oil Mist Collection Equipment • Pumps for Applesauce to Xylene
Graco PRO Xp Gun w/2Qt Tank
Triton Pump Packages
Merkur Pump Packages
GH 833 Direct Immersion
electrostatic gun and 2qt pot
Graco Triton Electrostatic package
merkur pump on cart
GH833 sprayer

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ProMix II


Graco Hot Melt
Homer's Home Built Chopper Gun! (cartoon)
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